Native Advertising

Yahoo Native ads are in-feed image and video ads that seamlessly integrate into Yahoo's quality O&O inventory (including, Yahoo Mail & +600 mobile apps with more than 400M pageviews/month & 4M UUs/month).
premium & exclusive inventory
in-feed view longer than bottom of the page native
viewability (measured by MOAT)

Unique Features

Premium & Exclusive Inventory
In-feed Image and Video ads
Innovative Ad Formats
Custom Audiences, Advanced Targeting & Reporting
Reach Performance Goals with our DOT tag
All Pricing Models (CPC, CPCV, CPM, CPV)

Native Advertising: Facts & Figures

of customers say experiences are as important as a company's products and services
Source: State of the connected consumer report (3rd edition), Salesforce, 2019
of consumers say they like
to see ads that blend into
the page
Source: Redefining Native study, Verizon Media 2018`
of consumers say they
accept native advertising as
a form of content
Source: Redefining Native study, Verizon Media 2018`
  • Standard
  • Mail
  • Countdown
  • App Install
  • Tiles
  • Moments
Standard Native Ads use a variety of compelling formats including Display, GIFs and Video assets, while - being responsive - they can be displayed on desktop as well as in any mobile screen.
This truly native format can be read, saved, or forwarded, just like an email. When a user clicks on the mail ad (appearing on top of the email list), the mail opens revealing the related creative (which can be image, video or HTML).
Increase CTR on the native Ad unit by overlaying a countdown timer and urging user to take an impulse action.
Dynamic Product Ads (aka Native Feed Ads) is Yahoo's feed-based retargeting solution personalized to a users’ unique shopping history. With Native Feed Ads, we have the ability to serve ads that are:

Relevant: Show products from your website to shoppers that have visited your website and viewed your products
Dynamic: Use your catalog feed to automatically create native ads and save time
Scalable: Rely on Yahoo’s massive reach to connect you to your target audience throughout the path to purchase
Native image and video ads reach over 650M mobile users across a massive mobile network of over 1,000 apps, including Yahoo properties, and top syndication partner apps.

With App Install ads, you can drive users directly to the app store to install your mobile app, while Verizon Media automatically leverages your ad copy, images, and videos to help maximize potential app installs.
This versatile mobile ad format allows you to showcase your products/services in a unique way!
Engage users with a full-screen mobile canvas, placed in-line with your favorite content across Yahoo HP,  Yahoo Mail & rest Yahoo O&O Mobile Properties.