Native Advertising

Yahoo Native ads let advertisers & brands integrate their message seamlessly into premium content within Yahoo O&O network (including Yahoo Mail, Yahoo News, Yahoo Sports, hundreds of mobile apps, and more) – the largest non-social native marketplace in the world.

Why Native Advertising
of customers say experiences are as important as a company's products and services

Source: State of the connected consumer report (3rd edition), Salesforce, 2019

of consumers say they like to see ads that blend into the page

Source: Redefining Native study, Verizon Media 2018

of consumers say they accept native advertising as a form of content

Source: Redefining Native study, Verizon Media 2018

Why Yahoo Native

premium & exclusive inventory


longer in-feed view than bottom of the page native


viewability (measured by MOAT)

Yahoo Native ads combine a wide variety of premium ad formats & ad features to produce rich, compelling ad experiences and display them alongside content, providing interaction and engagement superior to traditional display advertising.

Furthermore, Yahoo Native ad campaigns are being created & managed through Yahoo DSP, thus enabling advertisers to leverage extra features (e.g. Yahoo 1P data/audiences targeting, brand safety, etc) and boost performance.

In Greece, Yahoo O&O network count up +400M pageviews/month, reaching +3.5M UUs/month, while – over the last 15 years – has been among the most popular news portals & websites and 2022 is no exception. According to Similarweb, in May 2022, ranks among the Top 3 websites in Greece for ‘News and Media’ category.

Popular Native Ad Formats
Native Stream

Native Stream ads are clickable ads that fit the form and function of the content around them, such as within the content stream on Yahoo properties, apps, and third-party publishers.


Moments is a mobile-exclusive, premium fullscreen ad canvas (leveraging the interscroller format) that scales across Yahoo’s category-leading mobile app and web properties.

Sponsored Mail

Interact with users while they are in a task-oriented mindset through native ads that appear at the top of a user’s inbox and can be opened, saved, or forwarded just like emails.