Direct Programmatic Advertising

Get direct access to Yahoo Exchange (through your own Trading Desk) and leverage a premium supply in the most transparent, viewable and brand safe context.

Why Yahoo Exchange
Direct Access to Premium Supply

Yahoo Exchange is the only direct source for our O&O supply (including Yahoo, AOL, MSN, etc), as well as top third-party partners like ESPN, Fox, eBay, and more.

Reach any Audience at Scale

An extensive library of always-on deals, and dedicated exchange support teams work with you to create custom solutions to reach your goals.

Peace-of-mind Programmatic

Yahoo work with the IAB, accredited MRC vendors, and our anti-fraud guarantee ensures you can buy with complete confidence.

Yahoo Exchange/SSP

Discover all the competitive advantages of Yahoo SSP (voted as best global Supply Side Platform)

Deal Opportunities
Simplify your Targeting

Access Yahoo, AOL, and MSN inventory in a single deal ID with unified pricing and priority, targeting various verticals (including Sports, Tech, Finance, Entertainment, and more)

Enable Omnichannel Approach

Leverage over 1 trillion ad opportunities across devices, ad formats & channels (including Native, Display, Video, CTV, DOOH, and more)

Apply Exclusive Data Segments

Hundreds of unique data segments available using Microsoft data, and over 20 segments available using Yahoo data (including Demographic, Audience Behaviors, Contextual Interests, and more)