Managed Programmatic Advertising

Managed Programmatic Advertising: The Yahoo Solution

Yahoo DSP combines unique data sets with machine-learning optimization, exclusive inventory and enhanced performance features, giving our team maximum flexibility and control to manage your brand's omnichannel programmatic strategy and ad campaigns.
active global users 
active mobile devices
highly scaled & accurate audience segments 

Unique Features

Access to almost ALL GR inventory, 7M Unique Greek Users, 90% Reach
+40 Global Exchanges
Premium Display, Instream and Outstream Video formats
Integrated Audience Verification (Nielsen DAR) Brand Safety (DV, Grapeshot) and Viewability partners (MOAT, IAS)
Custom Audiences, Advanced Targeting & Reporting
(Cross-device reach) 
Transparent Whitelisting

Managed Programmatic Advertising: Your Custom Audiences

Mail Competitors

Tell us your main competitors and we will target the users, who receive emails / newsletters from them

Interest Data

Family & Parenting, Auto, Travel, Entertainment, Sports, Finance, Insurance, Technology, News etc

Purchase Receipts

Categories: Food & Beverage, CPG, Entertainment etc
Mentioned products: CPG products, On line tickets,
House hold Appliances etc

Search Retargeting

Give us your keyword lists to find the users who raised their hand for your brand, and extend your reach in scale

CRM Data

Advertiser’s 1st party data

Flurry Mobile Data

Using Flurry app data to target users who for example:
- Have food apps installed
- Have at least 5 sessions in relevant search apps in the last 60 days
  • Display
  • Video
Yahoo DSP supports all IAB ad formats and banner sizes to be displayed on both desktop and mobile devices.
Yahoo DSP supports in-stream & out-stream video ad units to be displayed on both desktop and mobile devices.