Managed Programmatic Advertising

Yahoo DSP combines unique data sets with machine-learning optimization, exclusive inventory and enhanced performance features, giving our team maximum flexibility and control to manage your brand’s omnichannel programmatic strategy and ad campaigns (native, display, video, etc).

Our Competitive Advantages
Exclusive Data/Audiences

Leveraging Yahoo’s EXCLUSIVE first-party data and Yahoo DSP’s integration with +50 global DMPs, we can create and target unique audiences that you can find nowhere else

Exclusive Inventory

Using Yahoo DSP, we can also run your campaigns through EXCLUSIVE ad placements and PREMIUM ad formats on Yahoo Native, the largest non-social marketplace in the world

Exclusive Targeting

Did you know we can apply weather targeting to display (or not) the right ads to those users that their current locations meet specific weather criteria (like temperature range)? Yahoo DSP can add a variety of premium targeting criteria in every ad campaign.

Unlimited Reach

With Yahoo DSP being connected to +40 Global Exchanges (including Magnite, PubMatic, AppNexus, and more) we can run campaigns through all kinds of available inventory/digital media (reaching almost +2B devices globally and about 90% of the GR online population)

Premium Ad Features

Did you know that using Dynamic Creative Optimization we can improve a campaign’s performance by optimizing and/or personalizing ad content using real-time data and decisioning? Yahoo DSP can add a variety of unique ad features in every ad campaign.

Global Trust/Partners

By integrating the most prestigious global vendors (e.g. DV, Grapeshot, MOAT, IAS, and more), we can enable and manage a wide variety of sophisticated ad criteria, including  Audience Verification, Ad Fraud Avoidance, Brand Safety, Contextual Targeting and Viewability.

Yahoo DSP

Discover all the competitive advantages of the best global Demand Side Platform

Available Ad Formats
Native Ads

Integrate your message seamlessly into premium content with native ads. Take advantage of our unique features and formats.

Display Ads

Build your brand with premium display ads. Select from a full range of exciting options, from banner ads to the cutting edge of interactive formats.

Video Ads

Tell your story with engaging video ads that run before or between premium video content. Flexible options across mobile, display, and connected screens.