Yahoo DSP

Are you an advertiser? Do you want to run effective ad campaigns and maximize your digital ROI? Time to leverage the power of the best Demand Side Platform in the world.

With a huge scale, exclusive inventory, and unique data, Yahoo DSP offers all the benefits of a walled garden without compromising on transparency and independent measurement.

Yahoo’s Ad Platform is the only one to provide the global ad market with a 360 solution, as it consists of a DSP, native marketplace, omnichannel SSP and exchange (includes mobile web, app, desktop) video SSP and exchange (inclusive of CTV), and video syndication.

Build your own Exclusive Targeting now

From domain to demographic, from buying behavior to actual interest, from contextual to weather targeting, you can now choose from a wide range of conventional & sophisticated options through our dedicated page.

01. Identity at the Core

Our best in class identity graph and first party data connects the dots in a post-cookie world.

02. Smarter Performance

Machine learning that drives performance, with no hidden fees or pricing inefficiencies.

02. Exclusive Inventory

Exclusive reserved access to Yahoo & Microsoft properties and the largest premium native marketplace.

01. Identity at the Core

Gain exclusive access to a wealth of unique data and insights from over 1B consumers, across 1M characteristics, enabling person-level targeting across devices.

users mapped to more than one device
devices mapped
daily data events processed

Yahoo is the only DSP to offer custom tools & features to build audiences that matter to you, and reach those users in any format – video, display, or native – and across all supply sources. Audience Builder helps you create custom audiences using Yahoo’s first-party data from 1B+ users (Yahoo, AOL, Microsoft, etc) and taxonomies from 60+ major third-party DMPs.

Audience Builder
Signals Examples

Purchase: The only DSP that offers custom tools for Purchase Data – $65 billion annually in purchase information

Search: Take advantage of 300M+ unique search users to build audiences based on queries

Mail: Leverage exclusive 1p data from our 250M monthly active mail users or use your own CRM data – upload a list of email addresses

02. Smarter Performance

Our machine-learning optimization and forecasting system combines demand and supply data with predictive performance algorithms to connect the best ad with the right user and placement, at scale.

Leveraging machine-learning, Predictive Audiences analyze over 1M dimensions to predict the purchase probability for each user. 8 unique tiers for each predictive audience allows for precision or scaled messaging.

lift in conversions
decrease in CPC
lift in conversion rates (predictive vs lookalike)
Brand Safety & Fraud Protection

Supply Verification: Human review safeguards through a rigorous auditing process

Proprietary Technology: Exclusive traffic protection solution blocks fraud both pre-bid & post-serve

3rd Party Partnerships: Integrate the most popular or your preferred brand-safety & anti-fraud vendor to choose the solution that meets your needs

Quality Inventory & Viewability

Set pre-bid parameters: Extensive inventory quality features allow advertisers to set pre-bid viewability targets, create site lists, and easily exclude content rated as moderate or high risk

Real-time optimization: Advanced viewability algorithms auto-optimize bid management and allow buyers to layer in multi-level goals, threshold percentages, and in-view definitions.

Contextual Targeting

Yahoo contextual-targeting solution helps advertisers deliver campaigns based on a page’s content and context, ensuring alignment between brand values and media.

Furthermore, our DSP integrates the most popular global vendors (including Double Verify, Grapeshot, IAB, IAS, Peer39), giving the advertiser the possibility to even create its own keyword-based targeting filter.

03. Exclusive Inventory

The only DSP with access to Yahoo’s Native Marketplace. Leverage a premium native inventory that seamlessly integrates into Yahoo’s editorial sites and strategic publisher partners, with holistic campaign management and reporting.