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Join the free webinar and explore the transformative potential of LG CTV Ads in Cyprus, Greece, the Balkans, and beyond!

We have partnered with the most prominent global AdTech vendors (Adform, Yahoo, LG Ad Solutions, Hivestack, and more) to bring the latest & most effective advertising solutions (CTV, In-Game, DOOH, Premium Display, and more) to our clients and help them reach the right audiences across devices in a digital environment designed for brand safety.

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Why Us
Awarded & Exclusive AdTech

We combine Yahoo DSP (Best Global DSP, Adweek Awards ‘20), Adform DSP (Best Global DSP, Adweek Awards ‘22) along with EXCLUSIVE access on emerging ad platforms & inventory (Hivestack DOOH DSP, LG CTV Ads reaching +650K GR households) to bring outstanding experiences & results to our clients.

Unique Data & Targeting
We integrate our own & Yahoo 1P data (+4M GR devices) along with hundreds of Digiseg IP-based audiences (+4M GR households) with global cookieless solutions (ConnectID, NextGen, ID Fusion) and contextual features to create and target the right audiences at any time, device & browser.
True Omnichannel Experience
We use the most prominent ad channels & formats (from Native and Premium Display to In-Game and CTV), to cover all kinds of advertising needs (branding & performance) through managed & programmatic campaigns that can reach +90% of GR online population and +100 countries worldwide.
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