Being the exclusive partners of Yahoo in Greece & Cyprus, we leverage its awarded ad platforms (DSP, SSP), O&O media network (Yahoo Mail, Yahoo News, AOL, etc) and global partnerships (including Microsoft, Apple, Samsung) to bring unique advertising solutions (Native, Premium Display, Managed Programmatic, Direct Programmatic) to our clients and help them reach the right audience across devices in a digital environment designed for brand safety.

Yahoo DSP

The best DSP platform in the world is now available to Greek advertisers

Yahoo SSP

The best SSP platform in the world is now available to Greek publishers

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Why Us
0% commission on all our services.
Whether you’re an ad/media agency partner or a direct client, you will only be charged for media spending.
4M Yahoo GR UUs targeted monthly,
through our EXCLUSIVE Yahoo Native ad placements & premium formats, including Native StreamMobile MomentsYahoo StageBrand Stories and more.
90% of GR population reached monthly,
through omnichannel programmatic campaigns created in award-winning Yahoo DSP (managed by us or directly by you).
100% Free features, including:
– Access to EXCLUSIVE Yahoo 1P data & audiences
– Select your own Custom Targeting
– Unlimited Demos
– Daily Optimization
– Sophisticated Reports
Premium Vertical Ad Solutions
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