Premium Display Advertising

Premium Display Advertising: The Yahoo Offer

Yahoo premium display ads are impactful format ads that appear on Yahoo's quality O&O sites (including and Yahoo Mail) with more than 400M pageviews/month & 4M UUs/month.
  • Interactive bILLBOARD
  • sTAGE
  • Fullscreen lOGIN
The Billboard is an immersive ad unit that spans the full width of Yahoo Homepage, providing a personalized experience via a highly engaging context.
XL Billboard is Yahoo’s biggest ad unit on the Homepage and positioned high above the fold, being the perfect canvas for high impact creative solutions.
The Homepage Stage ad unit offers clients a truly premium canvas to connect with our users.

This formats breaks the box and puts the video on the full width of the page. It is responsive in size and wraps the content, to blend beautifully with our premium content and to offer users an immersive experience.
Mail Login ad unit is a popular fullscreen format that impress Yahoo mail users through a variety of compelling formats, including image, video, gallery and more.