Who We Are

Acrossmedia241 is a Digital Marketing Company that believes in Media and Technologies Synergy as the prominent way of driving growth.

Our focus in on providing the best digital campaign solutions to our clients, relying mainly on our corporate global assets, while we implement Online Advertising Synergies to achieve max ROI and create added value.

Along with Yahoo we offer unique Advertising Solutions, leveraging a huge exclusive audience of almost 4M GR UUs, an awarded global ad platform (Yahoo DSP), as well as a premium and brand safe environment.

Founder & CEO @ Acrossmedia241
Irini Sacha
Strategies & Sales Director @ Acrossmedia241
Georgia Koutroumanou
Head of Marketing & Business Development @ Acrossmedia241
Chris Basios
Ad Operations Specialist @ Acrossmedia241
Konstantina Kaliakouda
Senior Manager, Partner Markets @ Yahoo
Valentina Zito
Senior Account Manager, Partner Markets @ Yahoo
Ankita Jolapara