Yahoo SSP

Are you a publisher? Do you want to maximize your ad revenue? Time to join & leverage the power of the best Supply Side Platform in the world.

Yahoo owns +30 digital properties (Yahoo, AOL, TechCrunch, and more), giving our team the perfect testing ground for innovation and deep insights.

Yahoo’s Ad Platform is the only one to provide the global ad market with a 360 solution, as it consists of a DSP, native marketplace, omnichannel SSP and exchange (includes mobile web, app, desktop) video SSP and exchange (inclusive of CTV), and video syndication.


A robust inventory management platform and exchange, built mobile-first to maximize the value of your inventory and users across all devices and formats, in-app, mobile web and desktop.
Yahoo SSP supports all transaction models, including robust deal management. In addition, the platform supports header bidding in whatever capacity makes sense for your business, including, server-side, client-side, full mediation, or demand integration with partner solutions.

Best in class demand based on:
– Unique native demand (through the Yahoo Ads SDK)
– 100+ buyer integrations
– An internal media sales team (4000+ people) with direct advertiser relationships targeting premium supply, including as part of packages with Yahoo O&O
– Yahoo DSP is specifically targeting direct publisher relationships on SSP driving even closer relationships with your current and potential buyers

With a first-price auction default, Yahoo SSP drives higher CPMs than legacy platforms and offers 100% transparency to buyers, providing them:
– One of the most trusted SDKs in the industry.
– Proprietary fraud detection and brand safety technology built into Yahoo exchanges, in addition to integrations with industry-standard third parties
– Proprietary technology built for data privacy, both to honor consumer data privacy requests, and also to optimize revenue where Yahoo is able to use user data

Yahoo SSP now supports native placements with the same onboarding process and monetization capabilities as any other format on SSP, while DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) with impression multiplier support is also available on the platform. In addition, Dynamic ad placements populate with whatever format (banner/video) will drive the highest CPMs.
Leverage every new format and inventory opportunity in the unified platform, inclusive of innovative native formats, DOOH, and dynamic ad placements. Finally, video units can display with relevant content, curated from our video syndication’s library of contextually relevant or manually curated playlists.

Publishers & Apps on board
User Interactions every day
Ad Requests every day
01. Omnichannel Inventory

Built for publishers of all shapes, sizes, and monetization models. SSP is a full inventory management platform for all cross-device digital traffic, from traditional desktop and mobile web, in-app, as well as emerging channels such as digital out of home.

SSP supports display, native, and limited video formats – with ongoing support for the innovative ad formats Yahoo makes available for our O&O such as Native Carousel and Moments.

More than just a single platform for publishers, SSP is also a single access point for all Yahoo’s integrated demand partners, limiting the need for publishers to work with individual point solutions for device or format-specific demand.

Current formats for 3P publishers include: Banners, Rectangles, Video & Static Interstitials, Rewarded Video, and Native.

Flexible Integrations

Beyond the Yahoo Ads SDK, Yahoo SSP offers a number of integrations with both server-side and client-side partners. From Google Ad Manager’s EBDA to Prebid to Mopub, we can easily bring our demand into the integration of your choice.
Our adapters for these partners are seamless, so any updates needed on the partner’s side, be that a new SDK deployment or update to privacy requirements, we’ll take care of it to ensure seamless monetization.
Best yet, the proprietary demand we bring through our DSP and native marketplace is baked into our bidder and SDK, so you can take full advantage of Yahoo’s unique demand no matter what type of integration.

02. Premium & Exclusive Demand

Having both sides of the stack means we understand the demand opportunity and how to optimize for our publishers. We know what type of inventory our buyers want, what advertisers perform well across verticals, and how to package supply for maximum CPMs and buyer ROI.

Combined with machine learning algorithms, world-class targeting thanks to our proprietary data, and dedicated optimization teams, we ensure optimal campaign performance for our advertiser and publisher partners. The numbers speak for themselves; big brands such as Coca Cola, Walmart, ESPN, General Mills, Disney, eBay, Kohls, and BMW have a seat on our DSP targeting supply directly on SSP.

third-party DSP integrations
advertisers & agencies use Yahoo DSP
impressions transacted/month
IAB open measurement

Integrated with the IAB Open Measurement SDK, to allow for seamless viewability measurement by the industry’s leading third-party providers/vendors.

Powerful app monetization
The SDK is certified with leading third-party monetization partners like MoPub, AdMob, and Google, and supports unified auction solutions like MoPub Advanced bidding and Google’s Open Bidding.
03. Trusted Performance

Yahoo offers the most comprehensive solutions for combating fraud from pre-bid to post-serve and beyond. We do so by applying human review safeguards, combining market-leading proprietary and 3rd party technologies. We help publishers better sell their inventory by ensuring buyers have complete confidence by offering them a fraud guarantee.

Yahoo has a proprietary solution that scans for malware. We also have an internal network quality team that classifies and bans malicious creatives. We partner with The Media Trust to help identify issues, but we also accept certain flags from other trusted vendors if they are sent to us reporting malware.

And we also have TalonPro, our proprietary traffic protection solution, and integrations with third-parties like White Ops, Moat, and more to help filter out invalid traffic and measure viewability, to ensure we’re passing the safest inventory possible to our buyers.

Brand Safety & Viewability

Creative tester: Automated and manual review process for creative delivery

Whitelist/Blocklist: Total control over who, what can serve. At advertiser, domain, creative ID levelProprietary technology: Exclusive traffic protection solution blocks fraud both pre-bid & post-serve

Proprietary technology: Exclusive traffic protection solution blocks fraud both pre-bid & post-serve

3rd party partnerships: Integrate your preferred anti-fraud vendor to choose the solution that meets your needs

3P Integrations
04. Native & Emerging Channels

Native has always been a core part of our O&O business on our native marketplace, with over 1.6B native ad impressions each day. This marks our launch of native on Yahoo SSP, bringing the technology and unique demand that powers our brands to our 3P publisher clients.
Media Budgets continue to shift to native, and this is a great opportunity for additional ad placements and incremental revenue for many of our existing publishers on both SSP and those migrating from Display MP. Yahoo already has over 1000 native publisher partners for monetization.

Why Yahoo Native
Better performance

Tap into the world’s largest non-social native marketplace with Yahoo unique proprietary native demand, as well as leading third-party DSPs.

We’re a publisher too

Yahoo properties exclusively use our native platform. Leverage our O&O advanced formats and best practices through consultative partnership.

Flexible strategy

From integration options, to unit layouts to our ad decisioning engine, our platform offers the controls and flexibility to take your native strategy to the next level.

Brand safe and non intrusive

Our demand relationships are with premium advertisers; we would never serve ads or content to your site we wouldn’t want on our O&O.

Global Partners