Yahoo on Brand Safety

Yahoo Ad Platform is the only one to provide the global ad market with a 360 brand safety solution, as it integrates its proprietary technology along with the best practices on fraud-prevention & transparency and the most trustworthy 3rd party vendors (IAS, Comscore, DV, and more) on both Demand Side (Yahoo DSP) and Supply Side (Yahoo SSP).

Demand Side

Yahoo DSP provides powerful brand suitability, brand safety & contextual targeting capabilities, integrating its own proprietary tool along with the most popular global vendors (including DoubleVerify, Grapeshot, IAB, IAS, Peer39).

Advertisers can select their own site-lists beyond those already set as default, while they can also choose to target/block by context, language, keywords, and even more parameters.

Using Grapeshot brand safety tool, Acrossmedia241 has created its own blocking lists (for pandemic, war, etc) with GREEK KEYWORDS!

Yahoo DSP: Contextual Targeting Vendors
Yahoo DSP: Grapeshot Context Taxonomies
Demand & Supply Side
Standard blacklists

Continuously updated blacklists and of suspicious domains, apps and IP addresses inclusive of publicly available lists of infringing websites

Supply transparency

Detects true-domains and prevents domain spoofing


Monitors behavioral aspects of traffic to weed out fraud and invalid traffic

Manual traffic review

Dedicated team of traffic analysts to continuously monitor traffic signals and block suspicious behavior

Client-side forensics

Custom javascript is included in every impression to review signals that could indicate fraudulent traffic

Supply policy enforcement

Violation of supply partner policies warrants further manual review and supply banned, if required

3rd Party Partnerships

Advertisers may choose to deploy one of many additional 3rd party tools for filtration and measurement of fraud.

Supply Side
New Publisher Onboarding

01. Manual audit and approval process

02. No blind sign-ups

03. No chain-buying

04. App or site placements are individually tagged

New App or Site Onboarding

01. New apps and sites reviewed before integration to exchanges

02. Authentication checks

03. No inappropriate, harmful or prohibited content

04. Tools provided to publishers to enable implementation of ads.txt file

Ongoing App & Site Review

01. Traffic must meet our content quality standards

02. Monitoring for unusual or suspicious activity

03. Regular manual and automated inventory checks

04. Fraud filtration using proprietary technology

External Brand Safety Accreditations

A joint marketing-media industry program, TAG was created with a focus on four core areas:
1. Eliminating fraudulent digital advertising traffic
2. Combating malware
3. Fighting ad-supported internet piracy
4. Promoting brand safety

Yahoo has completed TAG’s Malware certification and Fraud Protection Certification

IAB UK Gold Standard (supported by ISBA, AOP & IPA) requires that companies show evidence of:
1. Reducing ad fraud by adopting ADS.txt
2. Increasing brand safety through the JICWEBS DTSG Good Practice Principle audit
3. Adhering to the LEAN ad standards and Coalition for Better Advertising standards

Yahoo is successfully IAB Gold Certified for:
1. Direct Sellers (Owned inventory)
2. DSP (Tech Platform & services)
3. Native Marketplace (Indirect sellers)
4. SSP (Indirect sellers)

JICWEBS brings the industry together to implement guidelines aimed at significantly reducing the risk of misplacement of advertising.

Yahoo is successfully accredited for all demand and supply side solutions.

Video Presentation

The following video presentation displays some highlights from recent research conducted by Yahoo (ex Verizon Media) Insights Team, which looks at how attitudes to news and journalism have shifted over 2020 and how we can frame this to look at various topics from brand safety, keyword blocking through to creativity in advertising.