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Yahoo is a global media & tech company connecting people to their passions. By owning & operating +30 media brands, Yahoo records +800M unique visitors/month through its O&O properties (Mail, News, etc) and ranks as #2 digital media company in the world*.
Yahoo is the ONLY digital company worldwide that operates both as a Publisher (through Yahoo properties and premium content) and as an AdTech provider, as Yahoo Ad Platform is the only 360 ad solution, integrating a DSP (Demand Side Platform) – voted as Best Global DSP, an SSP (Supply Side Platform), and an EXCLUSIVE Native Marketplace that minimize 3P fees and maximize performance & transparency.

Being the EXCLUSIVE partner of Yahoo in Greece & Cyprus, Acrossmedia241 has delivered hundreds of online ad campaigns, working together with the biggest international & local ad agencies and brands.
Especially regarding the Tourism/Travel industry, Acrossmedia241 has been a strategic partner & advisor of GNTO, for the last 18 years, while – along with Yahoo (ex Verizon Media) – Acrossmedia241 has strategically planned and managed numerous local & international awarded ad campaigns for key Tourism/Travel organizations & brands (including Crete, Peloponnese & North Aegean).

Advertising Travel/Tourism in 2022

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Yahoo DSP is the ONLY ad platform through which advertisers can create and target their own custom travel audiences, mixing Yahoo EXCLUSIVE first-party data coming from +800M Yahoo O&O users and third-party data coming from +60 major global Data Management Platforms.
Using the most accurate travel data & features, advertisers can show their ads to users – located in any country across the globe – who (for example): receive newsletters or make online purchases/reservations from hundreds of travel brands, fly from/to specific airports across the world, access specific websites or read travel-related pages & articles, and many more.
Yahoo 1P Travel Data (Map)
Yahoo Travel Audiences (Demo)

Yahoo has extensive expertise in managing (planning, creating, optimizing, reporting) ad campaigns for the most prestigious tourism & travel brands in the world.
Click on the image links, below, to access numerous demos and see how advertisers have leveraged the most engaging ad formats to promote Travel/Tourism organizations & companies (e.g. Walt Disney World, Disney, Marriott, Crowne Plaza, JetBlue, Air Canada, Emirates Airline, Trivago,, Expedia, TUI, GNTO, and more).