Verizon Media promotes North Aegean Region!

Verizon Media promotes North Aegean Region!

The ongoing video campaign that promotes the islands of the North Aegean through well-known and beloved Greeks who come from them (Stelios Rokkos, Natalia Germanou, George Autias, Eleftheria Arvanitaki, Christoforos Merousis, Mimi Denisi) has already gained lots of attention, however, North Aegean Regional Authorities rely on top-notch advertising platforms & solutions to further enhance awareness on these beautiful islands.

Thus, in collaboration with Verizon Media (owner of 50+ global media including Yahoo, AOL, HuffPost, etc.) and Acrossmedia241, they have designed and implemented a special online advertising campaign, which is already being displayed: 1) to fully targeted GR audiences, 2) in exclusive advertising positions on Yahoo GR and the most popular Greek websites, 3) through innovative ad formats, such as Verizon Media Brand Stories.

Brand Stories, Verizon Media’s latest advertising format, gives the opportunity to advertisers to bring Social Media’s most popular format to the open web and share their own story in a unique way, using tons of interactive visual elements (including videos, polls, quizzes, maps, forms, social cards, shoppable tags, etc) and maximizing user experience and engagement.

Although the campaign will go on for the whole summer, the initial measured results are rather impressive, especially regarding Native Advertising (counting both Native Video Ads and Native Brand Stories), as Native CTR is 1.15% (283.33% above the global market average, according to IAB Europe benchmarks).

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