Verizon Media Native: GR Success Story (2020)

Verizon Media Native: GR Success Story (2020)

Native Advertising (the type of paid media where the advertising experience follows the form and function of the user experience in which it’s placed) has completely transformed the digital landscape.

Marketers rely more and more on Native Advertising as it builds trust and drives engagement with potential new customers better than traditional display, while the latest studies have shown that average CTRs are 4X higher for premium native ads vs. non-native display ads on mobile devices.

When it comes to branding & performance, Verizon Media Native is a one-of-a-kind solution, as it provides advertisers & brands a wide range of premium channels, exclusive placements, innovative formats and advanced targeting that do help them stand out from the digital crowd.

Over the last few years, the Greek market has embraced Verizon Media Native offering, leveraging almost all kind of native rich formats (Mobile Moments, Mobile Tiles, Mail Ads etc). In 2020, Verizon Media Native campaigns have already exceeded all expectations and respective KPIs, resulting in CTRs hundreds of times higher than the market average.

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