How Sophisticated Targeting boosted Coca-Cola App campaign

How Sophisticated Targeting boosted Coca-Cola App campaign

As the global transition to the new cookieless digital age takes place, the need for reliable ad targeting is more needed than ever.

Thus, since the summer of 2020, Coca-Cola – in collaboration with Mindshare and Acrossmedia241 – has been leveraging the award-winning ad platforms, the 1st party data and the global network of Verizon Media in order to reach exclusive & highly-targeted audiences via dynamic online campaigns.

Such a campaign was the promotion of the Coke App in the Greek market. The consumers had the opportunity to explore summer experiences in different destinations in Greece, while the main objective was to reach selected Greek ‘travel audiences’ in order to achieve the highest possible relevancy with the target audience.

Using the advanced targeting capabilities of the VM DSP platform and the exclusive data of Verizon Media network in Greece (, Yahoo Mail, +600 mobile apps, etc.), 2 separate audiences were created: a ‘broad‘ one with users who had already expressed interest in specific destinations & hotels and a ‘custom‘ one with users who had already made reservations or online purchases in the destinations included in the campaign (e.g., Athens, Peloponnese, Halkidiki, etc).

The result was that the aforementioned audiences were able to view and interact with tailor-made ad banners based on their characteristics. For example, users who intended to travel to Thessaloniki or/and have booked a hotel in the city, saw the banner with the theme “Thessaloniki”. The online campaign met its objective, as in a period of 6 weeks more than 600,000 users from both audiences saw the targeted ads, while the CTR exceeded 0.3% (reaching 0.39% for the ‘custom’ audience).

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