[Showcase] Yahoo Campaign for GNTO // 2021

During the summer-fall of 2021, Yahoo ran an innovative international campaign on behalf of GNTO that led to 3 Gold and 1 Platinum Tourism Awards.

Leveraging numerous custom target audiences (based on Yahoo exclusive 1P Data as well as global travel 3P Data), Yahoo’s award-winning Programmatic Ad Platform (Yahoo DSP) and a number of impressive ad formats (including Augmented Reality ads and Brand Stories), more than 50 million users were reached in 11 different countries, uplifting engagement and exceeding all KPIs & original goals.

Yahoo Ad Solutions for Travel/Tourism brands

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Native Ads

Key Results
Clicks: 932.984 (127.6% over media plan)
CTR: 0.42% (40% over global benchmark)

Brand Stories

Key Results
BS Interaction Rate: 5.34%
Viewability: 68% (18% over global benchmark)

AR Ads

Key Results
Immersive Engagement Rate: 10.46%
Immersive Interaction Rate: 23.5%

Mail Login Ads

Key Results
Clicks: 15.307 (206% over media plan)
CTR: 0.61%

Apple News Ads

Key Results
Clicks: 37.325 (366.5% over media plan)
CTR: 0.93% (210% over global benchmark)