During the summer of 2021, Yahoo run an innovative international campaign on behalf of GNTO. Leveraging numerous custom target audiences (based on Yahoo exclusive 1P Data as well as global travel 3P Data), Yahoo’s award-winning Programmatic Ad Platform (Yahoo DSP) and a number of impressive ad formats (including Augmented Reality ads and Brand Stories), more than 50 million users were reached in 10 different countries, uplifting engagement and exceeding all KPIs & original goals.

Campaign Ad Formats & Effectiveness

Native Ads

Key Results
Clicks: 932.984 (127.6% over media plan)
CTR: 0.42% (40% over global benchmark)

Brand Stories

Key Results
BS Interaction Rate: 5.34% 
Viewability: 68% (18% over global benchmark)

AR Ads

Key Results
Immersive Engagement Rate: 10.46%
Immersive Interaction Rate: 23.5%

Mail Login Ads

Key Results
Clicks: 15.307 (206% over media plan)
CTR: 0.61%

Apple News Ads

Key Results
Clicks: 37.325 (366.5% over media plan)
CTR: 0.93% (210% over global benchmark)