[Showcase] International GNTO Campaign // 2023

Leveraging numerous custom travel audiences (based on Yahoo exclusive 1P Data as well as global 3P Data) and a number of emerging ad channels & impressive ad formats (including Digital Out Of Home, Connected TV, Conversational Ads and Brand Stories), GNTO has been promoted in USA (New York, Atlanta, Boston, New Jersey, Washington, Chicago, Philadelphia, California) and Canada (Toronto, Montreal) via a one-of-a-kind campaign (Feb – May 2023).

unique users


Digital Out Of Home

Working closely with major DOOH media owners and vendors (including Hivestack), GNTO has been promoted through high-impact screens at selected venues (Airports, Bus Shelters, Malls, etc.) across both countries.

Highlight KPIs: 191K plays | 2M audience reach

Connected TV

CTV ads integrated different GNTO promo videos along with QR codes to drive both awareness and performance through a wide variety of TV apps (Samsung TV Plus, Pluto TV, etc.) and content (travel, holiday, etc.).

Highlight KPIs: 98.9% VCR | 5.5M impressions

Brand Stories

GNTO relied on Brand Stories, to help users/consumers discover & interact with numerous impactful photos of Greece, based on their travel interests & preferences. Feel free to check out the DEMO (scroll to see/interact).

Highlight KPIs: 66K interactions | 28.84″ avg. time spent

Conversational Ads

Leveraging Conversational Ads, GNTO provides the right content to the right users/consumers based on their feedback/preferences. Feel free to check out the DEMO.

Highlight KPIs: 3.2M completed video views | 74K interactions

Augmented Reality

GNTO provided a rather entertaining & engaging AR (Augmented Reality) experience – leveraging face filters & 3D objects – as a landing page to (image) native ads. Feel free to check the DEMO.

Highlight KPIs: 1.36% CTR | 13″ avg. time spent

Memory Game

In order to boost fun & engagement, GNTO comprised yet another rich-media format in the campaign, as users were able to play a memory card game (based on GR-related visual symbols).

Highlight KPIs: 4.78% Interaction Rate | 433M game play clicks


Yahoo Native Marketplace (Mail, News, Lifestyle, etc.) has been the primary channel for GNTO to serve non-intrusive, in-feed ads (video & image) to different audience segments, across devices (desktop, tablet, mobile).

Highlight KPIs: 5.28% CTR | 6.3M video starts

Standard Display

IAB standard display ad formats (300×250, 300×600, etc.) have also been used in the campaign, in order to maximize reach via the most popular websites & apps in both countries.

Highlight KPIs: 415M impressions | 62.3K clicks