[Showcase] International GNTO Campaign // 2023

Leveraging numerous custom target audiences (based on Yahoo exclusive 1P Data as well as global travel 3P Data) and a number of emerging ad channels & impressive ad formats (including Digital Out Of Home, Connected TV, Conversational Ads and Brand Stories), GNTO is being promoted in USA and Canada via a one-of-a-kind campaign.

Digital Out Of Home

Working closely with major DOOH media owners and vendors (including Hivestack), GNTO has been promoted through high-impact screens at selected venues across both countries.

Connected TV

CTV ads integrated different GNTO promo videos along with QR codes to drive both awareness and performance through a wide variety of TV content/programs (travel and beyond).

Brand Stories

GNTO relied on Brand Stories, to help users/consumers discover & interact with numerous impactful photos of Greece, based on their travel interests & preferences.

Conversational Ads

Leveraging Conversational Ads, GNTO provides the right content to the right users/consumers based on their feedback/preferences. Feel free to check out the DEMO.

Augmented Reality

GNTO provided a rather entertaining & engaging AR (Augmented Reality) experience, as a landing page to standard display & native ads. Feel free to check the DEMO.

Memory Game

In order to boost fun & engagement, GNTO comprised yet another rich-media format in the campaign, as users were able to play a memory card game. Feel free to check the DEMO.


Yahoo Native Marketplace (Mail, News, Lifestyle, etc.) has been the primary channel for GNTO to serve non-intrusive, in-feed ads to different audience segments, across devices (desktop, tablet, mobile).

Standard Display

IAB standard display ad formats (300×250, 300×600, etc.) have also been used in the campaign, in order to maximize reach via the most popular websites & apps in both countries.