QR Codes

QR codes have had a resurgence since the pandemic and are an omnichannel unifier, driving lower-funnel action across DOOH (Digital Out Of Home), ICTV (interactive Connected TV), Display and Native ads. These QR codes open interactive, personalized companion experiences directly on a viewer’s mobile device.

smartphones will access QR codes by 2022
QR code coupons will be redeemed by 2022
of US shoppers have used a marketing-related QR code as of June 2021
Scan-Through Options
Any Existing URL

Take users everywhere, including brand websites, social media, or redirect to a PDF file. Even open a phone call, SMS or email. What’s more, you can enable a wide variety of smart rules (e.g. redirect users to different experiences based on Device OS or change landing pages based on time of day and/or day of week)

Yahoo QR Companion Unit

If you need a one of a kind landing page, Yahoo can create interactive, personalized mobile experiences, leveraging a wide variety of innovative features (e.g. AR, 3D, Gamification, 360, Panorama, Countdown, Dynamic Creative)

We can update QR code destinations during live campaigns, without impacting the creative

Omnichannel Experience – Yahoo QR Companion