Olympics 2020: Accurate targeting on humans, not cookies!

Olympics 2020: Accurate targeting on humans, not cookies!

As Olympic Games 2020 are just around the corner, Acrossmedia241 (exclusive partner of Verizon Media in Greece & Cyprus) has created a set of exclusive Olympics 2020 GR target audiences based on Verizon Media’s reliable 1st party data as well as composite data coming from the 60 largest data providers worldwide. Thus, Greek advertisers can now leverage one or more of these exclusive audiences in their digital campaigns, while it is important to note that Verizon Media targeting accuracy is + 85%, according to the latest Nielsen DAR measurements.

For example, a digital campaign can now target +1.3 million “Food Delivery + Sports Enthusiasts” (people who order food online AND are interested in sports), +1.8 million “Live Events + Olympics Fans” (people who like the Olympic Games AND have attended or are just interested in live events, such as sports games), etc.

Furthermore, advertisers have now the option to choose – depending on their needs and goals – a set of additional, advanced targeting parameters, such as whitelists with the exact websites they want their ads to be displayed on, brand safety & contextual targeting criteria (through Verizon Media, DoubleVerify, Grapeshot, IAB, IAS, Peer39), weather targeting, and more.

Finally, it is worth noting that both the exclusive audiences and the targeting parameters can be applied to any campaign (native, display, video) as well as to Verizon Media’s exclusive & impactful ad formats, including award-winning Brand Stories.

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