Moments are part of the ‘Brand Experiences’, a suite of high-impact, interactive ad formats that also include Brand Stories and Conversational Ads.

Moments use a wide variety of advanced creative features & elements to provide a one-of-a-kind ad experience, based on different brand needs & objectives across verticals. Moments can be served on different ad sizes (including the popular 300×600), while they are available for buying either through our Managed Services or through Programmatic Deals (created for all major Trading Desks/DSPs).

Moment (Example 1): Touchpoints + Shoppable

The ad screen displays an image or a video, with one or more touchpoints.

Once the user clicks on a touchpoint, a new dedicated page appears displaying more info (along with a CTA button) for the specific product, service, etc.

Moreover, the user can click on the ‘Back’ icon to return to the initial ad screen (with all the available touchpoints).

Moment (Example 2): Tabs + Product Catalogue + Form

The ad can comprises 3 tabs with different visual elements.

The 1st tab (active by default) an image or video.

Once the user clicks on the 2nd tab, the upper ad screen displays an image or video, while on the bottom half there’s a carousel with available products.

Once the user clicks on the 3d tab, he/she can subscribe on the newsletter (or fill-in any kind of form, according to the client’s needs & objectives).

Content Discover

An image/video on the upper-half accompanied by recommended posts, displayed (through a carousel) below.

Product Catalogue

An image/video on the upper-half accompanied by recommended products, displayed (through a carousel) below.


An image/video accompanied by a countdown timer (ideal for an offer countdown, a product launch, etc.) along with a CTA button.


The user is prompted to answer one or more polls (the results will be displayed on the screen).


The user navigates through various photos or/and videos.

Data Input

The user can fill-in any kind of form (from a newsletter to a sales lead).