Masoutis leverages Verizon Media Native Marketplace

Masoutis leverages Verizon Media Native Marketplace

Leveraging Verizon Media’s 1st party data, advanced targeting capabilities, innovative advertising formats and exclusive ad placements are among the numerous competitive advantages that Verizon Media Native Marketplace provides to the largest advertising brands in Greece and abroad.

Thus, in 2020, Masoutis in collaboration with Tempo OMD and Acrossmedia241 (exclusive partner of Verizon Media in Greece & Cyprus) have had the opportunity to design and implement a set of online campaigns that run through the premium Native Marketplace of Verizon Media with 2 main objectives: conversions (having as the main goal the increase of sales in the online store at and traffic (having as the main goal the increase of visits to the online offer brochures at

The results were quite impressive. The conversion-based campaigns yielded a ROAS that exceeded 400%. As for the brochure campaigns, the total CTR reached 0.69% (130% above the relevant market average*), while – despite the fact that the main KPI was clicks – hundreds of post clicks & view conversions were recorded, adding significant extra value to the related campaigns!

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the creation & (re)targeting of exclusive audiences (users with specific behaviors and characteristics, such as those who have been receiving newsletters and making online purchases from the competitors) played a key role towards the aforementioned results.

*IAB Europe – Programmatic Native Advertising white paper
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