[Italy] DOOH Advertising

Being the exclusive partner of Hivestack (Best DOOH Solution, DigiZ Awards 2022), we have acquired an extensive know-how and direct access to premium inventory and advanced targeting data/audiences regarding DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) Advertising in Italy as well as in numerous other countries across the globe.

The following advertising offering is based on DOOH, one of the most premium & emerging ad channels available in the world (including Italy), today. Our team is committed to manage the proposed programmatic ad campaigns/plans EXCLUSIVELY through Hivestack DSP (an award-winning AdTech platform dedicated to DOOH), thus minimizing third-party costs & intermediate fees and maximizing your total media spend.

DOOH impression capacity/month in Italy


Using Hivestack DSP, we buy thousands of ad impressions (for each brand & campaign) in real-time across the largest source of inventory from global DOOH media owners. Moreover, we can attribute lift in awareness, consideration, intent and visitation to your programmatic DOOH ad exposure.

Based on the brand context and the goals of each campaign, we select one or more of different venue categories, including: airports, billboards, movie theaters, gas stations, office buildings, casual dining, QSR, malls, urban panels, train stations, gyms, grocery, and more.

Most Prominent Venues in Italy
Bus Shelters
Exclusive Media Plans

Choose the one(s) that fit best to your needs & goals and feel free to contact us for any clarification, request (e.g. a custom media plan), etc.

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Needed Creative Materials

Venue screens come in a couple of different sizes, still in order to properly deliver any kind of DOOH campaign, we will mainly need the following (most) popular formats:

  • Vertical (9:16) Image or Video (1080×1920)
  • Landscape (16:9) Image or Video (1920×1080)