Irini Sacha on HAA’s 8th Digital Session

Irini Sacha (Founder & Managing Director @ Acrossmedia241) was invited – along with other Greek ad market stakeholders – to share her thoughts towards the upcoming cookieless advertising era on a digital session initiated by Hellenic Advertisers Association.

The 8th Digital Session “Goodbye Cookie! What Comes Next? took place on Friday, December 14, 2020, while the participants had the chance to discuss some key issues including the increasing value of 1st party data, the need for better contextual targeting, enhanced transparency and more.

It is worth mentioning that – as noted in the session – based on WFA’s global survey “The Marketer of the Future”, more than 95% of the corresponded marketers (98% of Greeks) agreed that the ethical use of data will be key to Digital Marketing’s sustainability, while more than 74% of them (81% of Greeks) agreed that Data Ethics field will become much more significant for their work over the next 5 years.