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Integrated Advertising Solutions

Acrossmedia241 along with Verizon Media stay focused on what matters most — their consumers, partners and advertisers.
Verizon Media Ad Platforms is a unified suite of advertising and publishing solutions that activate Verizon Media’s trusted data, high-quality inventory, innovative ad experiences and industry-leading programmatic algorithms in a unified way.
  • Build Lasting Connections
  • Get Better Results
  • Grow Through Insights
  • We have world-class content people crave, and the exclusive inventory you need to create lasting impressions (about 1 billion, give or take).
  • Connect to anyone, anywhere with 1. Insights that scale globally 2. Flexible transaction models 3. Next generation ad formats
  • Foster intent along every step of the purchase path with tools like AI-driven optimization and advanced audience modeling.
  • Deliver better ad experiences with 1. A campaign-optimizing machine learning platform 2. Ads that engage like content 3. Sophisticated targeting that tracks factors from purchase intent to the weather
  • Get the complete picture of your most relevant audience with advanced analytics, and see how your campaigns impact brand sentiment.
  • Meet and exceed customers’ growing expectations for privacy, transparency and control with 1. Our anti-fraud guarantee 2. 3rd-party integrations 3. Extensive inventory quality features

Adaptive Ad Experiences

Access ad formats and premium content that adapt to the way people want to engage.
Get the most play out of your campaigns with engaging video experiences driven by our end-to-end solutions.
Tap into technology and content that connect brands with consumers where decisions are made—on mobile.
Ad Platforms
Learn all about Verizon Media's advertising platforms.
Ad Formats & Specs
Access all different advertising formats and specs.