Supporting Greek eCommerce during COVID-19

Supporting Greek eCommerce during COVID-19

In difficult times, such as the one we’re currently facing, social responsibility should be a key priority especially when it comes to communicating with society in order to better understand and improve the conditions we’re all experiencing.

Thus, Acrossmedia241 has joined forces with GR.EC.A to introduce “We stay home and e-commerce people are next to us”, an online awareness campaign that provides information about the enormous efforts of all Greek e-commerce stakeholders during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The online campaign is being managed by Acrossmedia241 on the global platforms of Verizon Media, while the total budget of 60,000€ will be covered by Acrossmedia241. The campaign will be live until the end of May and will be displayed on and on almost all Greek websites and applications.

The campaign was also kindly sponsored by Reprise (Social Media, Copywriting) and Netsteps (Key Visuals, Native Articles), while Irini Sacha, the founder of Acrossmedia241, stated:

We are ready to support all kinds of digital campaigns and stand by the side of Greek commerce for any additional need. Acrossmedia241 will provide special discounts to all Members of GR.EC.A for their online campaigns during this difficult period. Furthermore, an additional 100% free inventory will be provided for any CSR campaign related to COVID-19, in order to significantly boost visibility and social diffusion

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