Dynamic Creative Optimization

Dynamic has been around for over a decade, so why are we talking about it today? With the looming cookie deprecation and growing device fragmentation our industry is at an inflection point. Creative is moving to the forefront ushering in the next wave of programmatic. Dynamic Creative will bring the gap for brands to stay connected with their audiences as cookies go away. Yahoo is uniquely positioned to capitalize on dynamic creative with our depth of data, supply and platforms.

Dynamic Creative uses DATA and/or OPTIMIZATION with REAL-TIME creative assembly to deliver relevant ad experiences.

DATA (such as audience segments, location, or weather) can be used to personalize different components of the creative (including images, videos, copy, or CTAs) on a rule-based decision process that gives you the complete control to map creative variations to specific data points. What’s more, auto-OPTIMIZATION selects (and serves more often) the best performing creative variation using our proprietary machine-learning algorithm.

At Yahoo, our offering includes an in-platform, feed-based solution with service support from Yahoo Creative Studios. This allows advertisers to seamlessly run personalized creatives across all screens, directly within the Yahoo DSP. In the following example, you can see how the creative feed controls creative personalization across different ad formats.

Available Data for Dynamic Personalization

Personalize messaging based on current weather conditions, temperature, pollen counts, air quality, humidity index and/or UV index.


Personalize and/or optimize creative based on user demographic data.


Serve relevant messages (e.g. special offers, events, near destinations, etc.) to users, no matter where they are in the world.

Audience Segments

Serve hyper-relevant creative based on audience segments. All fueled by Yahoo’s future-proof Connect ID and NextGen Audience data.

Time of Day

Serve personalized messaging/creative based on time-based data points (including day of week, AM/PM, hour, etc).


Personalize creative based on page-level contextual data.

Ben & Jerry’s | Weather

Data Points: Weather + Location

Norwegian | Date

Data Points: Date + Time

Offer (4 days left)
Offer (final day)
Nivea | Time of Day

Data Points: Time + Location

Mid day
Citi | Location

Data Points: Location + Interest & Behavioral