DOOH Advertising

Digital Out of Home is one of the fastest growing and evolving advertising channels – and it’s changing how brands connect to consumers, expanding creativity and improving ROI.

Out of Home advertising is synonymous with big and bold creative displays at cost effective CPMs. Its main challenge has been providing measurable ROI similar to digital advertising channels, establishing the perception that Out of Home is solely an upper funnel channel for brand awareness. However, Digital Out of Home (DOOH) delivers full funnel activation and measurement, whilst reaching incremental audiences at scale. In fact, 91% of advertisers believe DOOH can deliver both upper and lower funnel metrics1 as it allows further measurement opportunities outside of monetary ROI like website and store traffic.

Consumer trends are also forcing brands to include DOOH in their marketing strategies because it’s seen as a more trustworthy medium compared to social (22% to 15%, respectively)2. Consumers find DOOH informational and entertaining while being brand safe and fraud free, giving a positive way for brands to engage with consumers compared with other digital channels.

In order to meet all advertising challenges for our local & international clients, maximize global reach and provide outstanding results, we have partnered with 2 of the most prominent DOOH AdTech vendors in the world!

Yahoo DOOH

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Hivestack DOOH

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Are you interested in running real-time & effective DOOH campaigns across the globe? Pick one or more of the following target countries and discover how we can help you promote your brand via impactful, big & premium screens in the most prominent venues (including airports, malls, subways, etc). In addition, we have included a couple of proposed media plans to choose from.


1. “Step outside with us: Key trends driving DOOH growth in 2021.” (2020) | 2. Sightline, Kantar (2022)