Conversational Ads

Conversational Ads are part of the ‘Brand Experiences’, a suite of high-impact, interactive ad formats that also include Brand Stories and Moments.

Conversational Ads are a two-way, feature-rich experience that leverages the preferred communication interface of billions of users to drive active attention with your audience. And that’s the type of attention that gets people to ask/answer questions and build paths towards discovering your content. Allow your audience to choose their own path from Discovery to Action with a choose-your-own-adventure timeline that puts them in control of the flow and pace of the narrative.

Conversational Ads are available for programmatic buying (either as in-feed 300×600 banners or 970×250 billboards), while they can also be used as landing pages.

Why Conversational Ads

Enabling Conversational Ads, brands can deliver an experience that’s entirely familiar to users, while leveraging a wide range of different creatives (including images & videos), based on user interaction!

people globally use messaging apps, every day*
the average time users spent on WhatsApp, every month*
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*Statista, 2021

Interactive Demos

Click on the images below to interact with the ads and get a better understanding of Conversational Ads functionality.