BrightRoll helps advertisers fully control where their ads appear

BrightRoll helps advertisers fully control where their ads appear 780 439 Acrossmedia241

In the world of programmatic advertising, brands are challenged to balance reaching audiences where they consume media, with having ads appear in brand-safe contexts. Those two goals don’t always align. Most consumers don’t limit their online content consumption to premium, professionally produced sites that brands prefer to be associated with.

Further complicating the issue is that what’s “safe” is different for every advertiser. A hotel brand might want to avoid advertising on an article titled “The Worst Travel Experiences,” while a travel agency may seek out those types of placements to offer their services.


The right tools for the job

This is where your advertising technology partners are essential allies in helping your ads reach the right consumers, at the right time, and in the right contexts. Your ad tech partners should help you target your core audience, while also factoring in a brand’s specific needs and sensitivities. At minimum, you should expect your programmatic partners to offer controls for avoiding certain types of content, as well as URL-level transparency for targeting and reporting.

As a publisher, Yahoo maintains a clear line between corporate and editorial divisions to enable the independence of our journalistic coverage. Though Yahoo and its users generate various types of content, advertisers using the BrightRoll platform have access to tools to help control where their ads appear.


Fostering a healthy advertising ecosystem

BrightRoll and Yahoo are committed to fostering a healthy programmatic advertising ecosystem that helps advertisers reach consumers and provides access to quality inventory:

  • We take steps to block objectionable content like hate speech, illegal and sexually-explicit content through the implementation of both proprietary and third-party technology, on professionally-produced Yahoo content and across our publisher supply partners.
  • We’ve established and enforce advertising policies for advertisers and content policies for publishers.*
  • Our BrightRoll platforms offer transparency for targeting and reporting to deliver ads as intended.

Beyond brand safety, we are vigilant about fighting fraud across our supply sources. We’re constantly looking for fake sites—misspelling Yahooo vs. Yahoo, for example. We use a combination of proprietary technology, third-party integrations, human monitoring, and industry partnerships with the goal to make sure that every placement sold is high quality and minimum risk.

*Controversial sites that do meet inventory policies may be available in our platforms. Advertisers retain full transparency and discretion as to where their ads run.


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