BrightRoll DSP’s Audience Builder makes Yahoo data work for you

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Data, data, data—our industry talks about it a lot, but only because it’s important in programmatic advertising and key to generating results. One piece of data doesn’t stand alone. It relies on other pieces to help show a pattern. When talking about audiences, that’s even more true: what a person does on one app is only a small fragment of the consumer story. But, with all this data out there, it’s challenging to know where to start.

Audience Builder in the BrightRoll DSP helps you connect those data to more effectively target your audience. With Yahoo’s 165 billion data points every day, advertisers can explore users’ data across all sorts of digital activities – mobile app use, internet searches, content consumption, and more.

And, with our recent launch of Purchase Receipt data in the DSP, advertisers have yet another tool to help paint a more complete picture of a consumer’s journey.

Having the data is one thing, but using it to understand your audience and applying it to your targeting strategy is another. With all this data, where do you start? Here are a couple ideas.

Using the Purchase Receipt tool in the BrightRoll DSP’s Audience Builder, you could identify people who’ve recently purchased flights on premium airlines to SFO from other states, an indicator they’ll stay overnight.

Or, if you’d like to cast a wider net, you could use Yahoo’s proprietary search data to identify audiences who’ve looked for travel destinations near your hotel – like Alcatraz, Fisherman’s Wharf, or Golden Gate Park.

For even more precise targeting you can cross-reference those search and purchase results with your first-party data (email addresses or mobile advertising IDs) to reach existing customers.

You can start building your audience by looking at search terms for pregnancy, baby registries, newborn care, or even phrases like “how many diapers do new babies need”. Then, layer on data from the Mail Domain function in Audience Builder to identify potential customers who are subscribed to newsletters from top baby and parenting sites.


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