Brand Stories

Yahoo is bringing social media’s most popular format to the open web

With over 1 Billion Daily Users, across platforms like Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram, Stories are by far the fastest-growing areas of online communication today. Brand Stories are self-contained brand experiences that immerse audiences into a dynamic environment.

They can be used as destination pages, embedded in the content or served programmatically (through Yahoo Native & Yahoo DSP platforms) into expandable display units. The format allows brands to combine visual elements with video, bite-size text, polls, quizzes, shoppable elements and more.

Brand Stories

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Boosting Branding & Performance

Leveraging various different visual elements & eCommerce features, advertisers & brands can rely on Brand Stories to maximize brand awareness and drive online traffic, leads & sales on everyday campaigns or special events (e.g. Black Friday).

Available Visual Elements
Video Content
Images & Charts
Social Cards
Shoppable Tags
Shoppable Series
Shopping Cart Links
Quizzes & Polls
Content Portfolio
GR campaigns