Advertising | Travel Industry

we are on a mission to promote & uplift Tourism in EMEA via the most innovative and emerging ad channels & formats

Being a strategic and award-winning partner of the Greek National Tourism Organization for the last 15 years, we have acquired a deep know-how of the Tourism/Travel sector (both local & international).

Moreover, we leverage the most prestigious global AdTech & Travel Data vendors to plan & execute one-of-a-kind omnichannel (including Premium Display, DOOH, CTV) ad campaigns for key Tourism/Travel organizations & brands (including Crete, Peloponnese, North Aegean, and more).

Rich Media/Premium Display Ads
average Interaction Rate on Brand Stories*

Having direct access to award-winning global AdTech & Creative platforms (e.g. Adform, Adnami, Newsroom, and more), we create one-of-a-kind digital experiences available for Programmatic buying that go beyond standard text, display & video.

Aiming to cover all kinds of needs, we leverage a mix of truly unique formats, including Brand Stories (a multi-scene, tap-through experience) and Conversational Ads (an interactive format that responds based on the user’s preferences) that have recorded +3% Interaction Rates.

*Acrossmedia241 internal data, Brand Story ad campaigns, 2022

Connected TV Ads
average attention rate on CTV compared to 69% for linear TV & 42% for YouTube*

According to Standard Media Index, travel brands upped their Connected TV spend by 159% in 2022 and there’s a good reason for this; CTV ads provide superior insights, targeting, & measurable results, especially in Programmatic context.

Leveraging our exclusive partnership with LG Ad Solutions and our access to the biggest global CTV/OTT inventory (Apple TV, Roku, Pluto, etc.) and ACR data, we deliver one-of-a-kind CTV campaigns, combining Smart TV native ad placements, popular TV shows & target audiences.

*ShowHeroes, “Why CTV reigns supreme in the attention economy”, 2022

Digital Out Of Home Ads
of viewers took some sort of action* after seeing a digital street level ad**

DOOH ads’ ability to stand out and get noticed out of home is ideal for travel brands, such as airlines, hotels, tourism boards, etc., whose target customers are people who like to get out & about and experience new things.

Leveraging our exclusive partnership with Hivestack (Best DOOH Solution, DigiZ Awards 2022), we deliver unique Programmatic DOOH campaigns based on sophisticated targeting (from venues – airports, subways, malls, etc. to specific audiences – Brand Shoppers, Place Visitors, etc.)

*Actions included searching for an advertiser online, visiting the business in person, or posting to social media | **Nielsen, “Digital OOH Advertising Report”, 2020

In-Game Ads
of media buyers intend to run in-game advertising by 2025*

Enabling in-game/metaverse ads, travel brands can get extremely close to the end user (in a 100% brand-safe, non-intrusive environment), as gamers are fully immersed; often involved in long gameplay sessions with really high attention levels.

Acrossmedia241 has partnered with the biggest In-Game Advertising Vendors (Adverty, Anzu, Bidstack, Gadsme) and Metaverse Builders (LandVault) to help travel brands become more innovative & get (even) closer to consumers.

*Admix – Atomik Research, “Game on for advertisers”, 2021

(Access to) Global DMPs
local & international travel & tourism data providers integrated in our platforms

When it comes to targeting travel/tourism audiences across the world, data plays a crucial role in order to reach the right people, at the right time, device & place.

Acrossmedia241 has direct access to a wide variety of travel data (coming from the most prominent global data providers). Leveraging these data, we can cover all kinds of targeting needs; from specific travel brands (e.g. Hyatt recent visitors in Italy) to numerous travel interests & habits (frequent flyers in Germany) and travel content consumption (e.g. TV viewers of travel-related shows).

(Access to) Tourism/Travel audiences
travel & tourism segments available to reach & target worldwide

Leveraging our own DMP, we can create and (re)target exclusive travel audiences for a specific tourism brand/organization based on various features (including lookalike modeling & predictive audiences) and ad campaigns trigger points (e.g. impressions, clicks, etc.)

Moreover, we can mix & match thousands of predefined audiences – for +75 countries worldwide – that are related to travel & tourism, such as: Business Travelers, High Spenders, Early Bookers, Airport Visitors, Airbnb Users, Wellness Trip Enthusiasts, Vacation in Greece, Online Ticket Buyers, and many more.