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Acknowledging the latest growth and overall dynamics of Online Commerce in Greece and worldwide, Verizon Media aims to help Greek & international brands maximize their digital ROI and drive sales via its tech platforms (Native and DSP), owned media (Yahoo, AOL, HuffPost etc) and global partnerships (Microsoft, Apple, Samsung).

Thus, Acrossmedia241 (exclusive partner of Verizon Media in Greece & Cyprus) has been focused on supporting the Greek eCommerce market through various initiatives (strategic partnership with GR.EC.A., special offers, free webinars, etc).

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Verizon Media Competitive Advantages

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Exclusive Placements
Let us expand your online reach, going beyond Google & Facebook, and display your ads in exclusive placements through Verizon Media premium & clutter-free global network (Yahoo, AOL, HuffPost, TechCrunch etc)
Advanced Targeting
Using Verizon Media tools, we create and target all kinds of custom audiences based on various criteria and cutting-edge technology (Geo & Weather targeting, Contextual targeting, Cross-device retargeting, Lookalike models, Predictive audiences, etc)  
eCommerce Features
We will boost your potential customer's experience and engagement, using a variety of dedicated eCommerce ad formats & features (Native Feed ads, Countdown ads, Search retargeting, Mail retargeting, Purchase receipts audience segments, etc)
Premium Formats
Verizon Media premium ad formats (including Mobile Tiles, Mobile Moments, Stage, XL Billboard, Fullscreen Login etc) provide a rich user experience, while helping our clients maximize their digital ROI.  
Pricing Models
Verizon Media platforms support all types of pricing methods (CPC, CPCV, CPM, CPV), making it easy to optimize your billing according to your campaign type and objectives
Mobile Data
Verizon Media integration with Flurry Analytics provides us with up-to-date data & insights (coming from +2B mobile devices and apps in Greece and worldwide) that help us target the users that are most likely to convert
Brand Stories
Discover the most innovative ad format comprising dozens of eCommerce features.

Native Ads

Native ads are specifically designed to motivate shoppers along their mobile path to purchase. These ads appear within contexts that enhance the customer shopping experience by providing utility and encouraging exploration through their innovative formats.

Retailers have used native ads to drive 35% greater engagement with 6X the ROAS vs. non-native formats, deepening connections between brands and consumers that can last well beyond the holiday push.

Native Feed Ads for eCommerce

Native Feed Ads (or Dynamic Product Ads) are highly relevant formats that allow us to retarget consumers (your current and potential clients) based on each user’s unique shopping history, serving them products they’ve already shown interest in.

Native Feed Ads appear within a user’s feed, appearing alongside trusted Verizon Media content and automatically update based on your audience’s latest online behavior. DPAs pull creative assets from your existing product catalog, increasing your ad variety, saving you time, and helping you easily scale your campaigns. When shoppers need an extra nudge to buy your product, DPAs are personally relevant reminders delivered at the right moment.




Native Feed Ads: Global Partners

Native Mobile Moments for eCommerce

Mobile Moments ads are the most comprehensive suite of immersive native features designed to drive deeper engagement with your audience. Moments ads (an exclusive mobile format) consistently outperform pre-roll video in brand awareness, brand clarity, and likeability*, while no matter what your advertising goals may be, there’s a Moments feature (Touchpoints, Video, Countdown, Carousel, Panorama) to help you achieve them.

*Verizon Media/MetrixLab Format Testing, May 2018
eCommerce Webinar
Access the latest EU/GR eCommerce data & insights.

eCommerce GR Offers

GRECA members
Following our strategic partnership with GR.EC.A., we welcome all its members (and other eCommerce stakeholders) to download our latest Media Kit and offer!
Conference attendees
Visit our booth at 'eCommerce in the Corona Era: Impact, Challenges and Opportunities' virtual conference (14.5.2020) and Register Interest for your FREE campaign!